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Norristown Council Passes Amusement Tax

NORRISTOWN - Starting Jan. 1, 2020, movie theaters, theaters, fairs and carnivals, the Elmwood Park Zoo and other venues will have to begin paying a 5 percent tax to Norristown borough.

The Borough Council approved the 5 percent amusement tax at its workshop meeting on Tuesday, replacing a 10 percent amusement tax that had been on the books but was not being collected.

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Proposed Norristown Amusement Tax back on agenda

Amusement Tax on Norristown Council agenda. Please share with friends, business acquaintances and family. This tax is not what Norristown needs!

NORRISTOWN MUNICIPALITY Council Workshop Tuesday, July 16, 2019 6:30 PM – Council Conference Room 

Municipal Administrator 
A. Ordinance 19-04: Amusement Tax 
Council will consider Ordinance 19-04 for the re-implementation of a local Amusement Tax on the price of admission to entertainment venues.

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Chamber President Kym Ramsey presents alternatives to Norristown's proposed amusement tax

Alternatives to collecting an amusement tax include a new South of Marshall (SOMO) district; a Downtown Improvement district to revitalize Main Street, a nighttime trolley to combat parking problems; restricting nontaxable uses for the Norristown State Hospital redevelopment; and creating an Economic & Business Development Committee.

Kym Ramsey, president of the Norristown Chamber of Commerce, outlined these ideas, which came from a task force, at the council meeting on Tuesday.

Ramsey said the task force, which met four times over two months, was formed after the chamber opposed the reinstitution of a 10 percent amusement tax. Council had considered the amusement tax as a way of plugging a $1.4 million budget gap.

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